IT Support

£40 per fix (1st hour). **
£20 for each half hour after the first hour.

** This assumes I’m able to fix your equipment in the first hour. If further work is required I will advise you of the likely costs and time to fix. If you decide for any reason that you do not wish to proceed then there will be NO CHARGE.
** If you have more than one issue that needs fixing, I will endeavour to fix all those issues in the first hour. However, if only one of the issues is fixed in the first hour there will be a £40 charge. I will then advise of the likely cost to fix the remaining issues before proceeding.

Website Development

The following options are available. Click here for more details.

Option 1 – £100 + H&D
Option 2 – £250 + H&D
Option 3 – £500 + H&D