Computer Repairs – Are They Worth Paying For?

Computer Repairs in Saffron Walden - Are They Worth Paying For?

Your computer/laptop used to be a thing of desire. A state of the art, speedy companion that helped you fly through your work, web browsing, social media addiction and media streaming like a dream. But now it seems to be failing. Whether your speed machine has become a slow computer, that sticky key is just becoming intolerable or for some reason, it’s just not booting at all. There are many reasons why your once cherished companion can fall out of favour. You’ve thought about getting it repaired but those computer repairs are just so expensive … aren’t they? By the time you’ve paid a call-out fee, the computer technicians time and the cost of any replacement parts you’re halfway towards the cost of a new machine. Well … perhaps not!

Computer Repairs the Microgenic Way

Q. Do you charge a callout fee?
A. No, not if you live within 20 miles of Saffron Walden

Q. I’m not sure what’s wrong but would like to fix my computer if it’s not going to cost the earth.
A. That’s OK. We can diagnose your computer and repair for a maximum of £40 if it’s a simple fix. If it turns out your computer repairs are more serious I’ll give you an estimate of the likely charge and you can decide whether or not to proceed. If you decide not to proceed, there will be NO CHARGE!

Q. How do you keep your prices so competitive?
A. We’re a very small independent company without the overheads or office costs that larger companies have to pay.

Q. How do I know you’ll be able to repair my computer?
A. There is no charge if your computer is not repaired.

Q. Wouldn’t it be easier to just buy a new computer?
A. Unless your computer is very old, probably not. Setting up a new computer, transferring all your data and getting it to work the way you like it can be very time-consuming.

Q. I have a very slow computer. Is it worth getting repaired or is it just worn out?
A. Over time, a combination of upgrades and accumulated junk can slow your computer down. Therefore, if your computer came with Windows 7 or later it’s quite possible that this could be fixed. More importantly, it could be made faster than it was even when new! See my article on slow computers.

Repairs Really Can be Cost Effective

If you live near Saffron Walden! Having your computer repaired by Microgenic could well be the most cost effective AND simplest way forward. This is your chance to buck the trend and avoid becoming a part of the throwaway society. I guarantee that I will not charge you more than £40 for computer repairs without giving you the option to walk away at no charge. If your computer is unrepairable there will again be no charge!

For more information please call Steve Page on 07762 164962 (Office hours only), email him at or book an appointment online.

NB. I generally have my phone turned off when I’m with customers because it seems the polite thing to do. Therefore, if I am with a customer when you call, please leave a message with the best phone number to reach you and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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