IT Support

IT support, PC and laptop repair

Owned and run by Steve Page, Microgenic provides friendly, knowledgeable IT support to private individuals and businesses in the Saffron Walden area. Most issues can be identified and either fixed or a suitable course of action prescribed within the first hour.

Introducing the £40 Fix Fee

We are currently offering a discount incentive to fix your equipment at the rate of £40 (down from £60). This is on the assumption that I’m able to fix your equipment within 1 hour. If that is not possible (for example if new components are required) I will advise you of the best course of action and the likely cost. If you decide not to proceed at that stage, there will be no charge. Don’t delay, we can’t hold this rate for long!

I will collect and return your PC/laptop from your home or business for free (within a 10-mile radius of CB11). Alternatively, I can work on your equipment at your location although more complex repairs are best handled at my location where I have all the equipment I need.

If you prefer, you can also deliver your equipment to me, just contact me for my address details and a mutually convenient time.

Can We Fix It?

I apologise in advance for the “Bob the Builder” quote, but “Yes we can!” The question really is, would it be cost effective to repair? This is why I offer a no fix no fee guarantee, giving you the opportunity to decide if you wish to go ahead with more complex repairs if it’s not possible to fix your problem for £40.

The sort of issues I’m most commonly asked to deal with include:

PC/Laptop running extremely slowly

Either suddenly or over a long period of time, your PC has become very slow, much slower than it was when you first bought it. Some of this will be down to upgrades and patches to the operating system and programs you’re using. Over time the software is developed, adding more features and functionality. Unfortunately, this often demands increasingly higher spec machines, the consequence of which is your PC runs more slowly. There are some things you may be able to do to mitigate this such as increasing the amount of RAM or upgrading your hard drive.

However, over time your PCs hard drive also gets cluttered with junk, unwanted software and unfortunately viruses and malware. Cleaning up your hard drive and removing unwanted and undesirable code can significantly improve your PCs speed and performance.

PC won’t start or locks up during the boot process

There are many potential causes of this. No lights? Check power cables, fuses, and power supplies. Lights but no action? Check for corrupt or failed hard drive or other failed hardware such as memory modules. Lights, action but, well, it’s just behaving oddly? Still could be failing hardware or corruption but I’d also be looking for a potential virus infection.

Physical damage

Broken screens, damaged keyboards etc. these can be replaced if parts are available.

My internet is slow

Unfortunately, it is possible that your internet is just slow, many ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are keen on the phrase “up to” when describing the speeds you can expect from their service. I was once told by an ISP that as long as speeds are over 25% of the quoted “up to” speed, they’re happy (even if you’re not). If all of your devices are showing slow internet speeds then this may be a discussion you need to have with your ISP.

However, if other machines seem more snappy on the internet and it’s just one machine that’s causing issues there may be something I can do about that. Compare your speeds on different devices by running a test at If possible, try connecting your laptop directly to your router with a network cable. Depending on your equipment, WiFi is usually slower than connecting via cable, but if it’s significantly slower then it may be possible to improve WiFI performance.

Hard Drive Failure / Lost Your Data?

If your drive has completely failed mechanically this will need to be returned to one of many specialist companies who can reconstruct your drive in order to retrieve data. This can be extremely expensive! However, very often the drive may not have failed completely. Even if your PC won’t boot from the drive it is possible that I may be able to recover your data for you.

The List is Endless

Almost every issue I deal with is slightly different so it would be impossible to list every scenario here. I’m happy to help with anything from PC buying advice or figuring out why your email won’t work to major repairs and upgrades. If in doubt, please just contact me for friendly, honest advice … my sole aim is for you to be totally satisfied with the end result!