Building Websites

Do you need a website? Or perhaps your existing website needs an overhaul or replacing altogether? Are you hoping to avoid the £1000’s charged by large corporate design houses for building websites? Then you’ve come to the right place. I can build a website for you similar (or different) to this one for £100’s rather than £1000’s.

Some Examples of the Websites I’ve Created

Why Should I Use You to Build my Website?

I first built a website in 1997! This was very early days for the internet and people (including my own employer at that time) were still asking “is the internet just a passing fad, or is it here to stay”?

Because of previous constraints on my time I’ve always used pre-configured tools to get sites up and running quickly which is why I’m able to provide this service to you at such a competitive price. However, it does mean that I’ve avoided complex coding so if you’re looking for that type of design service you’ll need to contact one of those design houses I mentioned earlier.

So I have many years of experience, am very familiar with search engine optimisation (SEO – how we get Google and other search engines, to send traffic to your site) and I’m not a geeky code person, which means I can communicate with you using real words.

How Would You Build My Site?

I offer a couple of options depending on your needs/budget and I’ve detailed these below. But here’s the process I would use to create a brand new website:

  • Agree and purchase a domain name (ie. **
  • Purchase a hosting package (this is where your website files “live”). **
  • Configure an SSL certificate (this adds a layer of security to your website and is also important for search engines … well, Google).
  • Configure and setup WordPress (Why WordPress and what is it? – see below).
  • Agree a layout template and basic colour scheme with you.
  • Construct your website using your text, logo and images where available. (I can advise on sourcing images and logos if required).
** These are costs that recur annually depending on the domain name type and hosting package you’ve opted for. For example, domain names ending in cost around £6 per year, .com around £10, around £25. Hosting packages also vary but the company I use charge from £38 to £240 per year depending on things like the amount of traffic, amount of storage space and the number of email accounts you’ll require. These charges will be added to your initial bill and will be invoiced to you annually 1 month prior to renewal.

What is WordPress and Why Use it?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). It’s a tool used to build websites and also to add functionality using both paid for and free plugins. It is the most popular CMS available and powers over 27% of all websites on the internet. This is a figure that is still growing.

Why do I use it? Well, it enables me to get a professional looking website up and running in a reasonably short time. It makes it easy to add functionality often for free in the shape of plugins. It’s extremely well supported and due to it’s huge popularity is unlikely to disappear in the foreseeable future. I believe it provides the best compromise between functionality and ease of use on the market.

Also, I can set up different types of accounts for my customers. For example, if you wanted to be able to access and edit the text on your pages once the site has been set up but without the risk of upsetting anything else on the website, WordPress has an account type for that.

Options and Pricing

OPTION 1 £100 + H & D**OPTION 2 £250 + H & D**
Purchase Domain NameYesYes
Purchase Hosting PackageYesYes
Configure SSL CertificateYesYes
Setup and Configure WordPressYesYes
Construct a 3 Page WebsiteNoYes

** H & D = Hosting and Domain charges (from £44 per year)

Use “Option 1” if you’re comfortable creating your own website from scratch using WordPress but just want to skip the hassle of getting WordPress up and running.

Use “Option 2” if you want a 3 page website up and running and ready to use. These three pages can be used as you wish but for example could comprise of a home page, products or services page and a simple contact page. To cut the cost of your site down to £250 (from £294 with domain name and hosting charges) I have made a few assumptions:

  1. You’re happy to use one of the free templates provided by WordPress or the “Customizr” template that this website is built on.
  2. You’re happy to provide me with the text to be used on each page.
  3. You’re happy to provide me with any images or a logo if required